Life Groups - Fall and Spring Sessions

Our heart here at Freedom Fellowship is for all believers to live connected, be transformed, and change the world around them. We live connected because transformation and world change do not happen in isolation. Find out more about life groups and enjoy the fellowship of other like minded believers. Go to our life group tab for more information.

Men's Bible Studies - Monday Night


Monday nights downstairs to study the Word of God and apply it in our lives.

Mondays 6:30pm at:

Freedom Fellowship Church

(downstairs - coffee shop)

Women's Study - Monday Night

Women of Purpose: Women coming together to fellowship and learn to walk in freedom, discovering all the Lord has for them. Class is upstairs in the Equipping Room in the Worship Center.

Mondays 6:30pm at:

Freedom Fellowship Church

(upstairs - Equipping Room)

Intercessory Prayer - Thursdays

A power time of intersession with other like minded believers. Open to all, everyone is welcome every Thursday upstairs in the first prayer room. 

Thursdays 2pm at: 

Freedom Fellowship Church




If you or someone you know is in need of food or prayer, then our Friday outreach is the place to be. Doors open downstairs in the coffee shop at 1:30, where there will be plenty of opportunities to use whatever gifts God has given you.  

Fridays 1:30-6pm at: 

Freedom Fellowship Church


The Torah Group San Angelo

Hashem Yeshua - Saturdays

We are a community of Messianic Christian believers in Yeshua (Jesus), whose aim is to love Jehováh (God) and to love one another (Mark 12:28-31).

We gather together to study the weekly Torah schedule to interpret the Scriptures as literally as possible and to obey it's precepts (Luke 24:27)

Saturdays 11am at: 

Freedom Fellowship Church


Whole Person Counseling

Whole Person Counseling is true counseling that is treatment for the whole person; spirit, soul and body. Basil Frasure, Ph.D., does individual, marriage, and family counseling. This kind of counseling is often effective even when other types have failed. Basil counsels in the areas of social relations, mental and emotional health, physical health, spiritual life and financial freedom.

Click here for more information. 

31 Day Kickstarter Bible Reading Plan

This reading plan is designed to take you through a progression of scripture, focusing on 31 key elements to living your life in Christ. Before you begin to read pray this prayer: Holy Spirit, guide me as I read, speak to me, give me eyes to see and ears to hear all that you have for me during this time. Also, begin to journal and highlight things that the Lord begins to show you as you go through the scriptures. Get ready for fresh revelation into God's plans for you life!

Download Reading Plan