Pastor Harold & Mary Lou Watkins

Pastor Harold and Mary Lou Watkins established Freedom Fellowship in 2001 after serving faithfully in several churches in San Angelo in the capacity of worship leader and college ministers. Harold and Mary Lou are both from San Angelo and have been married since 1972. They have two children that are married and two grandsons. During the evolution of Freedom Fellowship, Harold served as the Assistant Chaplain at Tom Green County Jail and then both he and his wife served as Chaplains at two local nursing homes. They both have the same desire to see people from all walks of life surrender their lives to Jesus---not only for heavenly salvation, but also to be able to walk in Freedom.

  • Jeff Peters - Life Groups

    Pastor of Worship Ministries

    Jeff Peters is our Worship Pastor and has been a part of Freedom Fellowship since the beginning in 2001. He loves leading others into the presence of the One who changes everything; and chooses to do this through music. He believes worship with a pure heart changes the atmosphere for God's presence to come and bring healing and life. Worship is not just a song but a life style. Jeff has been delivered from A.L.L Leukemia 3 times and has seen God's hand work miracles through the storm. He is passionate about training, equipping and encouraging others to get connected to "Live a Life of Worship". He has been blessed with a beautiful family, his wife Kristin and his two sons Hayden and Liam, who support him day in and day out. He loves music and enjoys writing, producing, engineering and recording. 

  • Wes Watkins - Outreach Pastor

    Wes & Kacy have both been serving in the Outreach/Food Pantry ministry since 2014 and apart of Freedom Fellowship since the beginning in 2001. They have both been trained in the deliverance and healing ministry and desire to see people walk in freedom. Their passion is to see the church come alive and to be the church. They see into the hearts of people and realize their true destiny. They love to use their gifts to pray for people and see God do something miraculous in their lives. Come down on Friday evenings and see what they're up to.

  • John & Aimee Francis - Children's Pastors

    John and Aimee Francis are the Pastors of the Children’s Ministry here at Freedom Fellowship Church. Jesus, himself, welcomed and blessed children in His ministry and we desire to do the same for your children. Being able to teach the future generations to love Christ, and trust Him is an honor and privilege we do not take lightly. Your children are His children also and we want to invest and help grow your family in Christ. Every good and perfect gift comes from above and that includes you and your family.

  • Josh & Mychelle Hill - CYA Leaders

    (College/Young Adults)

    Joshua and Mychelle Hill are the leaders for our CYA (College/Young Adult) group. They‘ve been members of Freedom Fellowship since 2017 and have been a part of CYA since then as well. CYA is where their lives were transformed by the power that is Jesus’ truth and where they were able to build connections with young adults who they continue to have strong relationships/friendships with. Joshua and Mychelle have a strong desire for their peers to understand that the Gospel, the Good News, Jesus Christ is the way, the TRUTH, and the life. Considering that a lot of Christians fall or turn away from the faith during these young adult years, Joshua and Mychelle desire to create an atmosphere where young adults can come together with other like minded believers and build each other up in the faith.

  • Joseph Grimes - Pastor of Administration 

    Joe is a gifted administrator who desires to see God's order be established in the body of Christ. He truly cares about others reaching their full potential, and serving the Lord with excellence. Besides being our Pastor of Administration, Joe also works with our media team. He is passionate about photography and uses this to create beautiful moments through pictures and videos, capturing the heart of Freedom Fellowship through media. He enjoys teaching others, especially training and equipping men. Outside the church, he is a teacher at Potter's Hand Christian School and loves pouring into the next generation. Joe, his wife Tanya, and their five children are a great addition to Freedom Fellowship. 

  • Cam  Ohlemacher - Outreach Pastor

    Cam is our Outreach Pastor of Freedom Homes and Building/Grounds/Vehicle Overseer. His wife Diane is our office ministry assistant, and serves in our children's ministry. They both put a lot of love in their work and are unswerving in their faith to serve God.

  • Betty Jones - Evangelist / Deliverance

    Freedom on Purpose

    Evangelist Betty Jones has worked as a Deliverance Minister since the early 1970's. She was introduced to the "Freedom on Purpose Ministry" during the season where her and her husband were pastors under the leadership of Pastor John Osteen in South Texas. She is a Counselor, a Deliverance Minister, a Prophetic voice and an Evangelist. Betty has had the privilege to minister to people who have traveled hundreds of miles to receive healing and freedom in their lives. Her heart is to serve her Heavenly Father as she serves His people.

  • Dr. Saundra Seale - Ph.D. Counseling

    Heavenly Encounters Class

    Dr. Saundra Seale has known a life of supernatural glory beginning at the age of 5. Her parents worked for such greats as Paul Cain, David Nun, AA Allen, Jack Coe, Oral Roberts, Kathryn Khulman and many others, as their personal prayer ministers. She is from a rich heritage of ministers that has covered many centuries. She has been a guest on PTL, TBN. Daystar and a host of her own program for several years on I Am Broadcasting. One of the great generals of her time was Ruth Ward Heflin who played a huge role in her life as they traveled to over 70 nations together, with many great experiences from the Charismatic renewal in Italy, Russia and China as well as the great Brownsville Revival. She is known for her prophetic gifts and her ability to see in the Heavenly. Dr. Seale ministers as a Revivalist by calling and a Psychologist by training. It is her desire to have daily "Heavenly Encounters" and encourages those around her to experience the same.

  • Diane Ohlemacher - Admin Assistant & Nursery Director

    Diane is the Administrative Assistant at Freedom Fellowship Church. She is married to Cam, the Family Pastor. Together they work passionately to ensure children of all ages experience the love of God. Some would call her the glue that keeps us together and communicating. She works during the week in the front office and will be the one to point you in the right direction if you ever need anything.

  • Pam Park - Deliverance Ministy

    Pam Park has been working in deliverance ministries for over 25 years. She meets with people needing freedom from issues they can't take care of themselves. Pam also teaches along side Betty Jones for the Unshakable class and Liberation Night.