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Church Center App is an online platform designed to help the church connect with you and you to connect with your communities at Freedom Fellowship. It's targeted at members and regular attenders who consider Freedom Fellowship a part of their church family. You can manage your profile, giving and stay in touch with your groups all in one place!


It's important to us to know how well we're shepherding and serving each other and those around us. Maintaining and building healthy communities and engagement with each other is critical to our mission "Love God Love People". The Realm website is easy to use and there's a mobile app to help you on the go!

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  • Download

    Church Center App

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 Link your existing Planning Center Online (PCO) account or create a new one.

Church Center App is our church community connection app. You can see what groups are available, stay up-to-date with church news and track your giving record and more.

Three easy steps to your personal account: 

1. Enter your e-mail address.

2. Create your own password. 

3. Fill in your information.

Becoming a member. If God leads you to become a member of Freedom Fellowship, we recommend that you connect with a Staff Pastor and find out more about our Growth Track to Freedom.

Growth Track to Freedom is designed to help you grow and get connected to our church family. It begins with how we started as a church and what we believe, and how you can become a member of Freedom Fellowship Church. It goes into depth about how to develop the essential habits of a healthy believer and how to live a Spirit led life. You will have the opportunity to ask any questions concerning topics, discover you gifts and how to get connected at Freedom Fellowship.

Click Here to Watch our Growth Track to Freedom Classes